This all-in-one media kit combines a single card with an adapter to give mobile users the compatible storage they need for all SD and USB compatible devices, including mobile phones, digital cameras, notebook PCs, media players and more.

By offering two adapters with the microSDHC card as the centerpiece, users get the most versatile mobile gear that seamlessly converts to a Secure Digital (SDHC) or USB format with one card that can be used across devices to easily move photos, music, videos or data to your camera, mobile phone or computer.

Ultra-portable and multifunctional
– Use the microSDHC card alone for plenty of removable storage for music, games, ring tones, photos, movies and other applications on mobile phones.

– Capture photos from your digital camera by making the microSDHC a full-size SDHC card with the adapter and then view images with SDHC-enabled readers or USB drives, digital photo frames or on your TV’s SD slot.

– Quickly and easily save files on a notebook computer with a full-size SDHC slot when the SDHC adapter is used with the microSDHC card.
The kit is backed by a two-year warranty on the reader, a lifetime warranty on the microSDHC card, and legendary Kingston® reliability, service and support.

Store your entire mobile life — photos, songs, text messages, video clips and personal information on your microSDHC card, then work with it across device platforms seamlessly with the versatile Kingston Multi-Kit at your fingertips.

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Unit Gross Weight0.017 kg
Unit Net Weight0.012 kg
Shipping box quantity25
Retail box quantity1
Product TypeFlash Memory Card
Unit Brutto Volume9.292e-005 cubm
Memory Card TypeMicro SDHC
Flash memory capacity8GB
Included adapters/readersSD
Included adapters/readersUSB
Full Description LineFlash Memory Card|Micro SDHC|8GB|Included adapters/readers USB/SD
Shipping/Package Box Dimensions
Shipping Box Width12.2 cm
Shipping Box Depth17 cm
Shipping Box Height11.2 cm
Shipping Box Weight0.43 kg
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